watchman Prayer ministry

Updated September 22, 2018

Pray for the lost (9/7/2018)

David, Bryan, Steven, Shela, Henreatta, Unspoken, Lindsey, Lewis, Maddie, Makayla, Jonathan, Chris, Leah, Brady, Howard, Kim, Casey, Sylvia, Cody, Carl, Patti, Mattie, Raymond, Kristine, Delores, Sam, Derrick, Johnathan, Megan, Eugene, Alice, Tammy, Craig, Phyllis, Eddy, Ricky, Bill, Butch, Edgar, Kendell, Colvie, Patsy, Gerald, Joshua, Cory, Rick, David, Michael, Andrew, Julia, Diane, Joe, Chance, Debbie, Katelin, Randy, Heather, Jim, Carolyn, Courtney, James, Zach, Gary, Susan, David, Melba, Stephanie, James, Melody, Alex, Dane, Donald, Isaac, Donald Junior, Cathy, Somba, Moussa, June, Becky and husband, Michael, Ashley, Susan, Pete, Jean, Mike, Huey, Stewart, Mary, Natasha, Leroy; Steven, Bill, Keith, Howard, Alex, Kevin, Brian

Prayer requests (9/22/2018)

- Pray for Mat Sharp (9/22/2018). She is experiencing more pain from knee surgery than her previous surgery.

- Pray for baby Meredith, born with a malformed heart. She will have surgery Monday September 24th that will prolong her life for a time.

- Pray for Keith Byrd, former pastor at Calvary Baptist Church and current pastor in Mountain Home (9/20/2018). He had a heart attack and had a stent put in. He remains in the ICU after more chest pain and high blood pressure this morning.

- Dennis and Kathy Brooks seek prayer for daughter Andrea (9/19/2018). She will have surgery Tuesday September 25th to remove a large cyst in her neck/salivary gland area that is pressing on her vocal cord. The cyst is between nerves for the lower lip and tongue. Even though there is potential for serious risk, the cyst must come out.

- Pray for Eugene and Alice Dowell's grandson Rayden (9/14/2018). He fractured his pelvis during football.

- Pray for Ben Keener's recovery from shoulder and bicep surgery (9/14/2018).

- The Sharps seek prayer for friend Wayne Masengill (9/13/2018). He is in the ICU at UAMS Little Rock with a brain bleed.

- Ron and Glenda Taylor asked us to pray for their neighbor, Carolyn Crafton (9/6/2018). She is recovering from a brain bleed.

- Pray for Reagan Sweet and parents as they await results of another heart catheterization (8/29/2018). Pray that Reagan's heart has gotten stronger, that it is functioning well, and pray for her parents' need for strength and faith.

- Pray for Donna Yeager, a friend of Bro. Stacy’s family (8/26/2018). She has been diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer.

- Kenny Smith has complications from his pacemaker that resulted in cardiomyopathy (8/24/2018). His heart is operating at 50% capacity and he may not be able to work again. Please pray for Kenny and Kelly as they seek treatment and healing.

- Pray for Glenn Edwards’ cousin Raymond who has a rare bacterial lung infection (8/22/2018). He needs strength for a lung transplant, without which he has two months to live.

- Pray for Emily Ives (8/18/2018). Emily suffered a stroke. She works with her parents at the Arkansas Sheriff Youth Ranch.

- Pray for Andy Pearce, son of Ted Hall's administrative assistant (8/5/2018). Andy has a recent diagnosis of leukemia.

- Cecilia Baker’s great niece, Regina Kennedy with pancreatic cancer, passed the one-year survival mark (7/24/2018). This is a praise but Cecilia asks us to pray for her for a clinical trial and for her will to keep fighting.

- Pray for Jessica, former youth of Bro. Stacy who is in John 3:17, a recovery center for women(6/20/2018).

- Chip Melton asked us to pray for his son-in-law Tommy Barnett (4/12/2018). Doctors found a mass on one of his kidneys.

- Ron Taylor seeks prayer for Mike Thomas who has cancer of vocal cords (1/18/2018).

- Janice Price asked prayer for Debra Dobson (10/19/2017). Her cancer returned.

- Mat Sharp asked us to pray for Billy Turner who has terminal cancer (8/29/2017)

- Glenda Taylor asked us to pray for Susie Thompson who has cancer (6/10/2017).

- Becky Baber is on the kidney transplant list (3/27/2017). Pray for healing!

- Glenda Taylor: pray for brother-in-law Chuck Terrell, bone marrow cancer (9/18/2016).

- Pray for Scarlett Vaughn: swallowing problem, celiac disease, and pulmonary hypertension. Also pray for Gloria and Jon. 

- Caroline Spillers seeks prayer for her son Chris, that the LORD would intervene in his life.

- Kathy Walter seeks prayer for son Eddie. Pray for the LORD to intervene in his life.

- Judy Brooks asks us to pray for her son Jay. Pray for God’s council and blessing.

- Pray for unsaved and unchurched people in Independence County.

Other prayer needs (9/21/2018)

Mat Sharp (knee replacement surgery); Wayne Masengill (Tom and Mat Sharp’s friend); Eugene & Alice Dowell’s grandson, Rayden; Ben Keener, Carolyn Crafton, Brian Moser, Tami James’ 13-month granddaughter Ruby; Donna Yeager, Kenny Smith, Harold Curtis Reed, Vaughn Perky’s granddaughter, Alexis; Glenn Edwards’ cousin Raymond; Emily Ives, Curt Martin, RL Carpenter, Larry Chapman, Terry Jones, Keith Schmidt, Rick Branstetter, Larry Shaw, Craig Parkridge’s dad, Karen Poole, Daren Plaster, Kim Coldwell, Ron Jenkins, Kenneth Wiles, Kent Williams, Abby Conner, Michael Lackey, Harlen King, Jeannie Smith, Tommy Barnett, Jody Kirkpatrick, Billy Trivitt, Linda Wood, Angeline Stoner, Tamara Griffin, Kassidy Yates, Patrick Collins, Martha Sue Hall, Floyd & Martha Wilson, Nick Currington, Lauren King, Mike Thomas, Marge Hines, Tina Branstetter.

Long-term prayer needs (9/21/2018)

Becky Baber, Ken & Ina Bolton; Dwight & Rachel Branstetter, Doyle Branstetter, Lee Roy Brewer, Judy Brooks' great-granddaughter, Chloe; Ben Carson, Catherine Cliff, Stella Coleman, Wil Davis, Julie DeLeon’s husband, Carlos; Bob & Dodie Dolan, Brandi Downs, Anna Eaton, Chad Edwards, Amy Fairchild, Tom Fairchild, Glenn Foster, Shane Goings, Howard Haley, James Harper, Inez Helm, Jim Hoskinson, Sonny Huddleston, Joan Kallsnick, Regina Kennedy, Hazel Lee, Debbie Luker, Merrill & Pat Marshall, Joseph Martin, Chip & Sharon Melton, Darren McVay, Isaiah McVay, Jurl Mitchell, Nita Moore, Tom & Pauline Nail, Rick Pool, Lori Rodgers’ dad; Addison Russell, Bill Sansing, Terri Scarber, Douglas & Shirley Shaw, Frankie Smith, James Smith, Reagan Sweet, Rev. Chuck Terrell, Susie Thompson, Shirley Tomlinson, Jennifer White.

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living (9/6/2018)

Jesse Cowling, Charles Marable, Elwanda King, Frankie Smith, Tim Kelly, Maxine Butler, Lorene O’Daniel, Marcella Mathis, Susan Causey, Gearline Whitener, Tommy Dobbs, Polly Bennett, Mary Thurman.