watchman Prayer ministry

Updated April 24, 2019

Pray for the lost (4/1/2019)

David, Bryan, Steven, Shela, Henreatta, Unspoken, Lindsey, Lewis, Maddie, Makayla, Jonathan, Chris, Leah, Brady, Howard, Kim, Casey, Sylvia, Cody, Carl, Patti, Mattie, Raymond, Kristine, Delores, Sam, Derrick, Johnathan, Megan, Eugene, Alice, Tammy, Craig, Phyllis, Eddy, Ricky, Bill, Butch, Edgar, Kendell, Colvie, Patsy, Gerald, Joshua, Cory, Rick, David, Michael, Andrew, Julia, Diane, Joe, Chance, Debbie, Katelin, Randy, Heather, Jim, Carolyn, Courtney, James, Zach, Gary, Susan, David, Melba, Stephanie, James, Melody, Alex, Dane, Donald, Isaac, Donald Junior, Cathy, Somba, Moussa, June, Becky and husband, Michael, Ashley, Susan, Pete, Jean, Mike, Huey, Stewart, Mary, Natasha, Leroy; Steven, Bill, Keith, Howard, Alex, Kevin, Brian, Gary's son, Cody & Tina

Prayer requests (4/24/2019)

- Pray for Marilyn Coffman, Susan Parker’s Mom (4/24/2019). She is scheduled for Surgery at UAMS today.

- Pray for Annie Cap, Kathryn Blackwell’s cousin, and Simon her husband (4/24/2019). Annie is scheduled to begin radiation treatments next week for cervical cancer. They live in Kent, England. 

- Pray for Savvy, a young adult in Batesville who is scheduled for biopsy today (4/24/2019). 

- Jody Kirkpatrick asked us to pray for daughter Kelley Oster (4/24/2019). She is scheduled for a heart procedure on May 1st. 

- Jody Kirkpatrick asked us to pray son Kevin (4/24/2019). He is having problems with his knees.

- Helen McDoniel asked us to pray for her (4/22/2019). She had a pacemaker put in Tuesday.

- Update on Doyle Branstetter (4/22/2019): His surgical team identified multiple infections. Doyle was referred to an Infectious Disease Team that will take over his case. Pray that the infections are brought under control.

- Update on Michael Palese from TJ (4/21/2019): Scans for Michael are clean! Praise the Lord! God is so good! Easter miracles!

- John Stoner‘s brother-in-law passed away (4/21/2019). Praise God, he gave his life to Christ before passing. Pray for the family as they mourn his loss and celebrate his life. 

- Pray for Jack and Donna Mohlke’s relatives (4/21/2019). Jack’s brother has stomach cancer, Donna’s sister has liver cancer, and Jack’s brother-in-law has a broken hip.

- Sherry Conger asked us to pray for her dad, Dale Wooldridge (4/19/2019). He had bypass surgery Monday in Little Rock.

- Pray for Renee Martin's Mom and Dad (4/14/2019). Miss Shirley is home recovering from hallucinations and exhaustion brought about by adverse reactions to medications.

- Pray for several Batesville students (4/2/2019). Karson Douglas and Dakivious Brown continue to heal from their accident, and Junior Lopez needs prayers for a head injuries received during a Batesville High School soccer game.

- Kathy Walter asked us to pray for Jeremias Guerra and family (3/25/2019). Jeremias is a 17-year-old admitted to St. Vincent's Hospital, Sherwood, with a brain bleed. An EEG showed no brain activity. Please pray for a miracle.

- Anna Eaton has lung cancer (2/28/2019). She decided not to pursue treatment. Phone calls are welcome but no visitors please.

- John Stoner asked us to pray for his sister Shirley Jarman (1/30/2019). She is in the midst of battling cancer.

- Kay McVay asked us to pray for her niece’s husband Tim Brown who has been deployed to Afghanistan (1/28/2019). 

- Update from Jill Hedden (1/7/2019): Mike Foster's PET scan showed masses in his liver and lung. Pray for Mike and family. 

- Pray for Helen and Chester McDoniel’s daughter Terri Presley (12/10/2018). She has a recurrence of breast cancer.

- Becky Baber is on the kidney transplant list (3/27/2017). Pray for healing!

- Pray for Scarlett Vaughn: swallowing problem, celiac disease, and pulmonary hypertension. Pray for her parents Gloria and Jon. 

- Caroline Spillers seeks prayer for her son Chris, that the LORD would intervene in his life.

- Kathy Walter seeks prayer for son Eddie. Pray for the LORD to intervene in his life.

- Judy Brooks asks us to pray for her son Jay. Pray for God’s council and blessing.

Other prayer needs (4/18/2019)

Michael Palese (cancer); Shirley & Douglas Shaw (Renee Martin’s parents); Cheri French, Bill Gatlin, Larry Price’s brother-in-law, Rick Baber; Junior Lopez, Jeremias Guerra, Karson Douglas & Dekivious Brown, Doyle & Velvet Branstetter, Howard Haley, Tonya Branstetter, Roy Helm, Larry Shaw, Lynda Cox, Anna Eaton, Larry Price, Greg Willis, Shirley Jarman, Lynette Richardson, Anna Cross, Helen Ashwander, Durwood & Edith Elms, Judy Cooke, Ralph and Dee Dee Kyzer, Mikayla Britt (Jan Wesley’s granddaughter, expecting twins); Danny Dowell, Terri Presley, Jimmy Cathey, Martha Lewallen, Cathy Edwards’ dad, Clifford Reynolds; Clay Hooper, Ginger Moser, Marcia Martin, Keith Byrd, Wayne Masengill, Carolyn Crafton, Donna Yeager, Harold Curtis Reed, RL Carpenter, Larry Chapman, Keith Schmidt, Karen Poole, Daren Plaster, Kim Coldwell, Kent Williams.

Long-term prayer needs (4/18/2019)

Ken & Ina Bolton; Doyle Branstetter, Tina Branstetter, Lee Roy Brewer, Ben Carson, Catherine Cliff, Nick Currington, Bob & Dodie Dolan, Chad Edwards, Amy Fairchild, Tom Fairchild, Glenn Foster, Mike Foster, Cheri French, Shane Goings, Howard Haley, Martha Sue Hall, James Harper, Inez Helm, Marge Hines, Jim Hoskinson, Sonny Huddleston, Joan Kallsnick, Lauren King, Hazel Lee, Debbie Luker, Joseph Martin, Chip & Sharon Melton, Jurl Mitchell, Tom & Pauline Nail, Rick Pool, Addison Russell, Douglas & Shirley Shaw, James Smith, Angeline Stoner, Reagan Sweet, Rev. Chuck Terrell, Mike Thomas, Susie and Dennis Thompson, Shirley Tomlinson, Jennifer White, Kassidy Yates.

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living (4/1/2019)

Jesse Cowling, Charles Marable, Elwanda King, Frankie Smith, Tim Kelly, Maxine Butler, Lorene O’Daniel, Marcella Mathis, Susan Causey, Gearline Whitener, Tommy Dobbs, Polly Bennett, Mary Thurman, Ernestine Gilbert.