watchman Prayer ministry

Updated January 15, 2020

Pray for the lost (1/5/2020)

David, Bryan, Steven, Shela, Henreatta, Lindsey, Lewis, Maddie, Makayla, Jonathan, Chris, Leah, Brady, Howard, Kim, Casey, Cody, Carl, Patti, Mattie, Raymond, Kristine, Delores, Sam, Derrick, Johnathan, Megan, Tammy, Craig, Phyllis, Eddy, Ricky, Bill, Butch, Edgar, Kendell, Colvie, Patsy, Gerald, Joshua, Cory, Rick, David, Andrew, Julia, Diane, Joe, Chance, Debbie, Katelin, Randy, Heather, Jim, Carolyn, Courtney, James, Zach, Gary, Susan, David, Melba, Stephanie, James, Melody, Alex, Dane, Donald, Isaac, Donald Junior, Cathy, June, Becky and husband, Michael, Ashley, Susan, Pete, Jean, Mike, Stewart, Mary, Natasha, Steven, Bill, Keith, Howard, Alex, Kevin, Brian, Chad, Cody & Tina, Gene, Andre, Hale

Prayer requests (1/15/2020)

- Bob & Dodie Dolan (Dodie hospice care at home) 1/14/2020

- Edie Branstetter’s 15-year-old granddaughter Zayde (recovering, emergency appendectomy) 1/13/2020

- Larry Price (good report from heart cath, cancer doctor & CT scan of carotids 1/15/2020) 1/10/2020

- Chuck Terrell (cancer out of remission, decisions about increasing chemotherapy) 1/4/2020

Other prayer needs (1/15/2020)

Kyle Pomeroy (recovery, extensive neck surgery), Don Jackson (recovery, additional knee surgery), Micah Martin (12 year old boy, inoperable brain tumor), Garrett Haley (on medical leave from military), John Ed Smith (pending carotid artery procedure), Jim Sproles (recovering from stroke, pending heart procedure), Barry Law (aggressive lymphoma), Teri Ostrander (breast cancer), Jim Douglas (recurring cancer), Kenny Smith (heart ailment), Terri Presley (breast cancer), Brandy Mann (stage 4 cancer), Troy Middleton, Sr. (cancer), Mike Herrington (DR volunteer, Lymphocytic Leukemia), Sawyer Greenfield (10-year old, Leukemia), Glenn Edwards (heart), Shirley Jarman (cancer), Martha Lewallen, Donna Mohlke’s sister (liver cancer), Evon Sharp, Gary Sproles (treatment, multiple myeloma), Donna Yeager (lung cancer), Lee Roy Brewer (heart), Judy Brooks' son Jay, RL Carpenter, Ben Carson (salvation), Catherine Cliff, Bob Dolan, Anna Eaton (cancer), Glenn Foster, Mike Foster (liver/lung cancer), Inez Helm, Sonny Huddleston, Lauren King, Joseph Martin (spine surgeries), Caroline Spillers' son Chris, Scarlett Vaughan and parents, Kathy Walter's son Eddie

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living (1/5/2020)

Jesse Cowling, Elwanda King, Tim Kelly, Maxine Butler, Lorene O’Daniel, Maxine Latting, Marcella Mathis, Gearline Whitener, Tommy Dobbs, Polly Bennett, Mary Thurman, Ernestine Gilbert