watchman Prayer ministry

Updated January 11, 2018

Pray for the lost (1/1/2018)

David, Bryan, Steven, Shela, Henreatta, Unspoken, Lindsey, Lewis, Maddie, Makayla, Jonathan, Chris, Leah, Brady, Howard, my daughters, Kim, Casey, Sylvia, Cody, Bob, Carl, Patti, Mattie, Raymond, Kristine, Delores, Sam, Derrick, Johnathan, Megan, Eugene, Alice, Tammy, Bob, Craig, Phyllis, Eddy, Ricky, Bill, Butch, Edgar, Kendell, Colvie, Patsy, Gerald, Joshua, Cory, Rick, David, Michael, Andrew, Julia, Diane, Joe, Chance, Debbie, Katelin, Randy, Heather, Jim, Carolyn, Courtney, James, Zach, Gary, Susan, David, Melba, Stephanie, Amanda (saved 5/31/2017!), James Clark, Melody Bates, Alex Parritt, Dane Bowman, Donald Lang, Isaac, Donald Junior, Cathy Toure, Somba Toure, Moussa Toure, June, Becky and her husband, Michael, Ashley, Susan, Pete, Jean, Mike, Huey, Stewart, Mary, Natasha, Leroy; Steven, Bill, Keith, Howard

Prayer requests (1/11/2018)

- Julie DeLeon asked us to pray for her (1/11/2018). She has a bone spur on her foot and pain in her hips and legs that are keeping her from working at Peco Foods. Please pray for healing so she can return to work.

- Joe Leal asked us to pray for his mom Delfina (12/31/2017). She fell and has a bleed on her brain. She was transported to Little Rock.

- Brenda Lemley asked us to pray for her niece, Melea Sue Morgan (12/30/2017). She has stage 4 bone cancer and the medical team at UAMS is having a difficult time finding the primary source.

- Elah Campbell asked us to pray for Her new neighbor Mike Shoemaker who is currently in White River Medical Center Room 2120 with heart problems (12/30/2017). He will have defibrillator inserted on Tuesday. 

- Elah Campbell also asked us to pray for Mike and Amy Shoemaker and their daughter Cheryl and Peter Kozloski (12/30/2017). The family recently moved from Oklahoma and do not have a church home. Amy has a bad cold at present. She said she would be grateful for our prayers.

- Bro. Stacy asked us to pray for his cousin Danny’s wife, Dawn Hearn (12/29/2017). She is 44 and has terminal cancer. She and Danny have two teenage sons and the family is heart broken. They are in need of God’s peace.

- Update from Lisa Johnson (12/23/2017): Becky Johnson is still in the hospital in the rehab unit. They have stopped her cancer treatment as of now. Her daughter is asking for a miracle.

- Jesse Cowling seeks prayer for his sister-in-law Peggy Davis who is terminally ill and on hospice care in St. Louis (12/21/2017). Please pray for peace and comfort for Peggy and the family.

- Janice Price asked prayer for long-time friend of Brent Gleghorn's family, Debra Dobson (10/19/2017). Debra's cancer is back stronger this time. She needs all the prayer she can get.

- Amy Fairchild, Librarian at Central Magnet School, asked for prayer (9/23/2017). Cancer metastasized to a spot on her back.

- Mat Sharp asked us to pray for Billy Turner who has terminal cancer (8/29/2017)

- Larry Price's friend has cancer for the third time (8/10/2017). He will not pursue treatment. Please pray for him and his family.

- Cecilia Baker's niece, Regina, mom of 4, has stage 4 pancreatic cancer (8/9/2017). Pray for family, doctors, and treatment.

- Pray for Bill Allen's nephew Doug Yates (7/28/2017). He has heart failure from cancer treatments. His prognosis bad, and he and his family are facing difficult decisions.

- Reagan Sweet's heart catheterization showed little change (7/19/2017). She will have another catheterization in six months. Pray for a miracle that her heart would be healed before a transplant is needed.

- Glenda Taylor asked us to pray for Susie Thompson (6/10/2017). She has been battling breast cancer for years. She was accepted into a clinical trial using a new treatment. She is a Christian and is not ready to give up.

- Julie DeLeon's husband Carlos was denied asylum but now has an opportunity to appeal before a panel of judges. Please continue to pray for a good outcome for the family.

- Becky Baber has been placed on the kidney transplant list (3/27/2017). Average waiting time is 23 months. Pray for healing!

- Lisa Layton's son Tyler Campbell deployed to Afghanistan (2/23/2017). Keep him and fellow soldiers in your prayers please.

- Please pray for Lisa Layton's father, Robert "Ben" Carson--that dad will know the LORD (1/8/2017).

- Glenda Taylor asked us to pray for her brother-in-law Chuck Terrell (9/18/2016). He has a rare bone marrow cancer.

- From Denise Gatlin: Scarlett Vaughn has many physical issues. She has a swallowing problem, celiac disease, and pulmonary hypertension. Please pray for Scarlett, Gloria, and Jon as they deal with these issues every day. 

- Caroline Spillers asks us to pray for her son Chris. He needs intervention from the LORD to make good life decisions.

- Kathy Walter asks us to pray for her son, Eddie. Pray for the LORD to intervene in his life.

- Judy Brooks asks us to pray for her son Jay. Pray for God’s council and blessing.

- Pray for unsaved and unchurched people in Independence County--pray for strength and courage as we engage in the harvest.

Other prayer needs (1/11/2018)

- Mat Sharp’s great-grandchild, Kaydence; Amy Keener, Joe Leal’s mother, Delfina; Melea Sue Morgan (Brenda Lemley’s niece); Peggy Davis (Jesse Cowling’s sister-in-law); Mike & Amy Shoemaker & family (Elah Campbell’s neighbors); Dawn Hearn (Bro. Stacy’s cousin’s wife); Levi Smith, Becky Johnson, Doyle Branstetter, Bill San-sing, Lynda Cox, Marge Hines, Tina Branstetter, Judy Buck, Chad & Glenn Edwards, Mark Ridgway, Carolyn Wammack, Randy Davis, Debra Dobson, Paul Barrett’s mother; Jimmy Reddock, Parker Cooper, Don Allen, Doug Yates, FBC Building Team, Worship Pastor Search Team.

Pray for long-term prayer needs (1/11/2018)

- Becky Baber, Ken & Ina Bolton; Dwight & Rachel Branstetter, Doyle Branstetter, Lee Roy Brewer, Judy Brooks' great-granddaughter, Chloe; Ben Carson, Catherine Cliff, Stella Coleman, Wil Davis, Bob & Dodie Dolan, Brandi Downs, Anna Eaton, Gary Edwards, Amy Fairchild, Tom Fairchild, Glenn Foster, Shane Goings, James Harper, Inez Helm, Jim Hoskinson, Sonny Huddleston, Joan Kallsnick, Regina Kennedy, Hazel Lee, Debbie Luker, Merrill & Pat Marshall, Joseph Martin, Chip & Sharon Melton, Darren McVay, Isaiah McVay, Jurl Mitchell, Nita Moore, Tom & Pauline Nail, Rick Pool, Lori Rodgers’ parents; Addison Russell, Douglas & Shirley Shaw, James Smith, Reagan Sweet, Rev. Chuck Terrell, Susie Thompson, Shirley Tomlinson.

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living 1/1/2018)

Charles Marable, Elwanda King, Ernie Daniel, John Ed & Frankie Smith, Thelma Parker, Nancy Powell, Tim Kelly, Maxine Butler, Lorene O’Daniel, Marcella Mathis, Susan Causey, Gearline Whitener, Carol Runyan, Paul Henry, David Wesley.