watchman Prayer ministry

Updated May 14, 2021

Pray for the lost (5/1/2021)

David, Bryan, Steven, Shela, Henreatta, Lindsey, Lewis, Maddie, Chris, Leah, Brady, Howard, Kim, Casey, Cody, Carl, Patti, Mattie, Raymond, Kristine, Delores, Sam, Derrick, Megan, Tammy, Craig, Phyllis, Eddy, Ricky, Bill, Butch, Edgar, Kendell, Colvie, Patsy, Gerald, Joshua, Cory, Rick, David, Andrew, Julia, Diane, Joe, Chance, Debbie, Katelin, Randy, Heather, Jim, Carolyn, Courtney, James, Zach, Gary, Susan, David, Melba, Stephanie, James, Melody, Alex, Dane, Donald, Isaac, Donald Junior, Cathy, June, Becky and husband, Michael, Ashley, Susan, Pete, Jean, Mike, Stewart, Mary, Natasha, Steven, Bill, Keith, Howard, Alex, Kevin, Brian, Chad, Cody & Tina, Gene, Andre, Hale, Chad, Robert, Jonas and girlfriend, Jason and his family, Dwight, Linda

Prayer requests (5/14/2021)

- Families of 4 women killed in auto accident Thursday: Kathy Smith, Brenda Horn, Donna Crabtree, Judy Knox 5/14/2021

- Ila Cantrell (incurable stomach cancer, there has been some shrinkage and no spread, chemo ongoing) 5/13/2021

- Michele Gerhardt's Mom (admitted to WRMC with UTI, dehydration, organ failure) 5/11/2021

- Stacy Lemley Miller (diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer) 5/10/2021

- Joe Robinson’s mom, Virginia Robinson (in Heart Hospital in LR) 5/10/2021

- Jim Douglas (tough time dealing with cancer that has returned) 5/7/2021

- Brian Fuller (industrial accident, 3rd degree chemical burns all over his body) 5/7/2021

- Chad Dillard and wife Billie (Chad: having heart issues; Billie: on her third brain surgery) 5/7/2021

- Gwen Thompson (heart bypass surgery Friday in Little Rock) 5/6/2021

- Roger & Edith Lopez (have multiple situations right now in their families) 5/6/2021

- Bill Bobrosky (has bladder cancer, weekly treatments to start soon) 5/5/2021

- Gary McDonald (being treated for several medical needs) 5/5/2021

- Don Lemley's aunt, Louise Robinson (in ICU Baptist North, head-on collision, brain bleed & several broken bones) 4/30/2021

- Jan Wesley's mom, Gwen Battles (injured in fall, in the hospital, may need several days of rehab) 4/30/2021

- Beverly Altman (undergoing chemo for metastasized breast cancer, has weakness from radiation treatments) 4/14/2021

- Aubrey Traw (3-year-old, multiple seizures, saw neurologist--EEG was normal, blood work and CT scan next) 4/14/2021

Other prayer needs (5/13/2021)

Lee Roy Brewer's Kevin (on hospice for liver failure, pray for salvation), John Smith (2 liver cancers, one stage 3), Chad Edwards (remains cancer free, pray for return to church), Terri Terrell Presley (strong chemo for metastatic cancer), Cyndi Jackson's brother(salvation), Clifford Reynolds (left hip/leg pain, on dialysis), Nicky Melton (awaiting bone marrow transplant), Heather Butler (difficult recovery from COVID-19 effects), Parker Cooper (awaiting heart/kidney transplants), Glenn Edwards (seizures, heart issues, hip & leg pain), Rick Brown (oral cancer), David Platt (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, blood clots in leg), Joy Wilder (breast cancer involving lymph nodes), Lawson Hether (long-term, post-accident rehab), Harold Reed (on hospice in Mountain View), Doyle Branstetter (ongoing medical issues), Howard Haley (ongoing recovery), Randy Whiteaker (receiving cancer treatments), Douglas Shaw (heart issues), Callie Jones (16-year-old with brain tumor), Jennie Leonard (heart & fatigue), Terry Price (heart issues), David Bond (ABSC staff, stomach cancer), Gary Love (stage 4 lung cancer), Kenny Smith (heart ailment), Martha Lewallen (Donna Mohlke’s sister, liver cancer), Donna Yeager (lung cancer), Lee Roy Brewer (heart), RL Carpenter, Catherine Cliff, Anna Eaton (cancer), Mike Foster (liver/lung cancer), Inez Helm, Sonny Huddleston, Lauren King, Joseph Martin (spine surgeries), Scarlett Vaughan and parents, Kathy Walter's son Eddie

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living (5/1/2021)

Maxine Butler, Jesse Cowling, Bob Dolan, Elwanda King, Maxine Latting, Jane Martin, Marcella Mathis, Lorene O’Daniel, Mary Thurman, Gearline Whitener